iPad fun Part 5

Ok - so this suggestion is one for grown ups too.  It's the app version of the board game 'Ticket to Ride'.  I've never played the board game so I don't know how it compares.  But I've enjoyed the app.  I've played against my 13yo son (and won, much to his frustration - getting beaten by your mum is so not cool) and you can also play against 5 different characters in the app.  There is another option of playing the online against other real people.  I've not tried that yet - I'm not brave enough!

It wasn't cheap at $7.99.  It was a Christmas treat for myself and a great present.


Taara said…
We have the board game and love it - so maybe we'll splurge too!
Heather said…
We have the board game if your family would like to borrow it at some stage. I've played online and found it highly addictive. (There is a free 6month subscription that comes with the board game but it's expensive to continue.)

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