Librarian happiness

Yesterday on the public holiday I relaxed by watching the cricket AND sorting the lego.  I found it so fun.  What I would want all of my life to be like but in microcosm and just so much more achievable.


Karen said…
Lego storage envy here :)
I am going to buy some of those to cut down the incessant noise that happens here when rummaging in the box of Lego.
Just showed Liam this post. He is very impressed...
Deb L said…
Hilarious! I did the same at one point this holidays. Of course the organisation last but a moment but it was good therapy none-the-less. It looks like you got your sorting stuff at the same place I did - Supercheap Auto?
Rachael said…
Oh you just took all the joy out of playing with the lego! ;)

I can remember the day when my sister (seven years younger) actually realised there was more to lego than rummaging around in the box.

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