Mums not to blame for high c-section rate

Crazy times people, but for once, it has been found that mothers are NOT to blame for something. I say, for once, because every other societal problem can be traced back to terrible mothers (mothers not buying enough veges=obesity, working mothers=every social problem, mothers not cleaning enough=Ebola virus etc., etc.)

So I was surprised this morning to hear that mothers aren't to blame for the increasing number of c-sections in Queensland. Apparently (wow), they aren't actually 'too posh to push'. They are ill informed and feel pressured by doctors. So doctors have been found to blame for the increasing rate of c-sections in Queensland. You can read about it here

I haven't met any women who would have liked to have a c-section birth unless they really felt they had to. I had two myself. The unnecessarily large 5kg wonder babies and traumatic #1-3 natural births were the reason. But not without a lot of thought and discussion with medicos. Certainly not my preference.

I'm still amazed that mums aren't to blame. Quite a day!


Karen said…
Excellent news. As someone who's had 4 c-sections, I'm pleased it's not my fault! Off to read it now...

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