New job starts

I start my new job tomorrow so apologies if I drop off the planet a bit this week.  Like starting a new school I'm wondering if I'll get lost (yes!), will be wearing the right clothes (gee, school uniforms are handy) and who I'll hang out with at lunch (I'm sure someone will talk to me).  I only finished my other job on Thursday so I'm struggling a bit to get over the emotions of saying goodbye and to now get up the energy for a group of new workmates.  I'm also wondering how it is all going to go with the rest of my life which was already full enough without adding four days of work.

But I'm looking forward to a new challenge and this new stage of life.  My kids are excited for me, but understandably apprehensive about the impact on their life too.

I keep you posted.


Karen said…
Hope it's a great day as you start this year's new adventures :) I'm sure you'll enjoy it all...
Kath said…
All the best for the new job.

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