Summer joy 2

Fun at the pool - isn't it lovely to have some great Sydney weather?  Incredible city to live in.

And No. 5 child is still wearing floaties.  I know, I'm just embarrassed.   But all is about to be amended in the next few weeks (thanks to my dear friend who is taking her to swimming lessons for me). 


alison said…
Those are lovely pictures!
Karen said…
Everyone looks very happy :)
Louise said…
I was worried Josh was going to be given floaties for yr 2 swim school but it seems someone must have tought him to swim, maybe his brothers? Oh and by the way the apps are great and 'Room' was disturbing but brilliant. I started it at 9pm and was finished bt 10 the next morning.
Sandra said…
there were kids in all my children's years at school who the only swimming lessons they ever had were at school. And they weren't from large families with busy mums. Don't flog yourself about it.
Jenny said…
Glad you liked Room Louise-did you sleep?! Thanks Sandra-the swimming thing is a bit of stress for me.

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