Summer Joy

Having a great summer break at home.  Seeing lots of friends, getting jobs done around the house, going on outings.  Sooo luxurious to have glorious time with my kids - even if (let's be realistic) there are still the usual tantrums, fights and whatnot of lots of time together!  And at night we're enjoying my Christmas present (the joy of the box set).

Enjoying friends and our new outdoor setting

Working out how to fit five bikes on the
back of our car with the new attachment

Waiting for the bike ride to start - no time to waste

Camping with dad in the backyard

At the Harry Potter exhibition

And at the end of the day - Friday Night Lights


Motherhugger said…
How did you enjoy the HP exhibition? What did you buy?
Re box sets - I think I'll have to bite to bullet and get Mad Men - it may be my only hope...
Katie said…
Ooooow, you went to the HP exhibition!! Did the kids love it? Did you get the audio tour thingy? If so, was it good? I hope all enjoyed it.
Jenny said…
We enjoyed the exhibition-I especially was fascinated by the level of detail in the costumes. Just beautiful. We were disappointed there wasn't more from the earlier books. It was like they only thought of the idea of an exhibition during the last few movies! We bought the audio tour-made it great for the 7yo boy who desperately wanted to come but isn't a fluent reader so couldn't read all the signs. We also got there early and it was pretty packed by the time we left. The shop? They bought the exhibition book, a bag and a key chain. All a rip off and all with their own money so I'm not fussed! But I did buy a muggle mug for myself-just in case I ever get confused-ha, ha!

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