Hello neglected blog

O dear.  Hello to my friend the neglected blog.  Like many other things in my life that are being neglected at the moment.  My family, friends, toilet cleaning, washing folding, exercise, sleep, cooking - and the list goes on.

I'm stuck in that place where I don't quite know what I'm doing with my new job (although each day I feel that I inch a little closer to having a concept of what my days will look like) and don't have any energy left for much else.  Not my favourite place.  It is quite tiring looking slightly like a bit of a twit for large periods of the working day.

I have worked out that it is possible to outsource a lot of things in life though.  Cleaning.  Shopping.  Childcare. Gardening.  Car washing.  But you can't outsource relationships or exercise.  They seem to actually involve me.  I guess I'll just gradually get fatter and lonelier.

But I'm ever the optimist so I'm sure it will get better.  Although wondering exactly how many weeks are left until the holidays in week 2 of term is probably not a great sign!

PS  I read Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey last year and I loved it.  My favourite book of 2011 and I never told you.  Felt like I've been keeping a secret from you and I needed to share it.  I'm quite tired so I don't have the energy to review it, but you should read the blog post that convinced me to read it.  My friend Sarah is a very experienced librarian, incredible lady and her blog is lovely http://sarahcondie.com/2011/08/11/the-power-of-the-right-kind-of-book/


Sarah Condie said…
thank you Jenny. Yes, this is a very special book. So glad you enjoyed reading it. Hope your transition to new patterns goes ok. Much love xoxo

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