The joy of 5

At dinner the other night I was reminiscing about my Grandma who used to spoil us rotten.  When we'd go and stay at her place it was a kid's paradise.  She'd always put a little present under our pillows.  And a pile of junk food on the drawers next to our bed.  And fizzy drink in the fridge.  A TV in the bedroom (with a remote - so decadent).  If we found loose change on the floor in her car we could keep it. And she would take me out shopping for clothes (especially fantastic as a teenage girl).

My parents were staying over that particular night and my children were very keen for my mum to hear all the stories I was telling about Grandma.  They thought they quite liked the idea of this and would their Grandma like to do the same for them??!

The next day, the kids got talking about this topic again.  They thought that maybe I'd be like my Grandma.  But they were all concerned that we wouldn't have enough space for all of our grandchildren.  Since they're all going to have 5 kids each (apparently), that would mean 25 grandkids for us to fit in for sleep overs!

I quite liked the idea of this - although I'm not quite sure where we'll put all these grandchildren.  I like the idea that when we're old we'll have lots of lovely relationships in our life.  What a blessing - I felt so thankful for my kids.  And just a little bit surprised that they're keen to have lots of children - life in our crazy family must be more fun than I think at times!


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