New year, new classes, same old conversation ...

So the kids get their new classes.  I'm obviously a bit distracted because of like, my own life and all.  So I think I might come across as a bit mean here, but really, I haven't given it a second thought.  But this is not the case for many who I have spoken to over the last few days.  A lot of energy is expended as parents at this time of the year.

Here's what I think.
Is the kid happy?  Yes.  Cool.
Is the kid unhappy?  Yes.  Be sympathetic and talk about how you're going to make the best of it.
Still unhappy?  Give them cuddles and chocolate biscuits.
Still unhappy?  Take a deep breath - you're going to be having a lot of chats this year.
Stillll unhappy (five weeks into term)?  Sure, speak to the principal.  But just give it some time and give your child a chance to make a go of it.

Embrace vagueness and relief that you don't have to front up to school to deal with it all each day and it will leave you the energy you'll need for your empathy and chocolate biscuit buying.


Deb L said…
Yay! And maybe trust that the teachers have put some kind of thought into this...
Susan said…
Yes! I'm glad to hear someone else say it.

One of my friends didn't like their school's choice of class for her son, so on day two of school she went about trying to change it. She's starting to sound like one of those parents who the teachers 'discuss' in the staffroom. I completely disagree because it so far too difficult to decide in the first week that this just isn't going to work, and besides, as far as I'm aware schools don't just randomly draw student's names out of a hat to make up class lists.
Kath said…
There you go again Jenny. The easygoing voice of reason and moderation. I love it!

It's so easy to get anxious and try to protect our kids from what we worry will upset them. I have to hold back from doing it sometimes :)
Anonymous said…
Such great advice! Also good to assume that there may be more to the story - said as the wife of a maths teacher :) Especially with older kids.


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