It's rough being in our family

Ahh, there's always one.  The perfect view (we decided that it would be a great spot for a marriage proposal), yet not all five were in the mood to cooperate for the photo.  This is from our trip to the zoo a few weekends ago.  No. 4 child hadn't eaten enough lunch at this point in time.  It shows!


Richard said…
So true, years ago a family from Seaforth with 5 kids asked me to take some photos of them so the mother and I and 5 kids travelled off to the location she had chosen.. all smiles except one who wasn't at all keen on co-operating. Not a successful afternoon
Kylie said…
Hi Jenny,
that happens all the time to us - we always have one particular child who will not smile in group / family photos, and will probably pull a weird expression! I have told him I would like to make a whole album for him of his funny faces, I think we have hundreds to put in.
olhoppy said…
Thanks again, Jenny, for sharing your wonderful family with us !
They are SO normal and unique, and obviously equally loved !! ....
Anonymous said…
Hi Jenny

As the mother of five children and a school librarian I thought that you might be interested in this free ebook considering the future of schooling and challenging the status quo.

It's written from a US perspective but has some good thoughts. Here are some of the quotable quotes from it:

In the connected age, reading and writing remain the two skills that are most likely to pay off with exponential results.
When access to information was limited we needed to load students with facts. Now, when we have no scarcity of facts, or the access to them, we need to load them up with understanding.
The two pillars of a future-proof education: # 1 Teach kids how to lead. # 2 Help them learn to solve interesting problems.

If you read it I'd be interested to know what you think.

I really enjoy reading your blog posts.

All the best with your new job and the changes it has brought to other aspects of your life.

One of your UK readers.

Jenny said…
Hi Linda

Really interesting quotes (I haven't got to the ebook yet). At the core of what we do in teacher librarian work in Australia is to give children information literacy skills. That is, the skills to identify the information they need to find and the best way to do that. They are right - more important than teaching facts is teaching how kids to find the RIGHT facts - not some rubbish they googled.

And reading is right at the heart of all that. You need superior reading and thinking skills to discern what is good information - information that will help you problem solve.

Very interesting.
Beck said…
jen... this reminds me of the time we tried to get ours and your kids together in a photo but we couldnt seem to get one where none of them had a finger up the nose!
Jenny said…
Or had a dummy in their mouth or weren't crying! Special times :)

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