The never ending job of the filling of the lunch boxes

I'm writing this post to show off how much of a real mother I am, what with all my baking 'n all.  Other mum blogs often seem to involve a lot of craft and cooking and so I'm just trying to keep up with the pack here folks.

I have to admit that I do bake every weekend so that the kids have things for their lunch boxes.  That's because at the start of the year we instituted our new system (helpfully outlined by my 9yo daughter).  They can only have one item of packaged food (I know, I know, one too many, I hear you say, but I always feel it is good to share my failures) and so I've been forced to be disciplined about cooking for them.

The challenge is the same with anything I cook for them.  Finding things they can/will actually eat (rather than things that make me feel like a real mother/blogger).  One child has an intolerance to cheese so these don't work so well for him.

Cheese and bacon scrolls

And they don't like dried fruit, so suddenly date slice becomes M & M slice.

I usually cook a couple of things each week so they have options for their lunch box and for afternoon tea.  Other things I've cooked are a bog standard chocolate cake, anzac cookies, choc chip cookies, little meringues, small sausage rolls, mini quiches, popcorn.

Certainly not all healthy options but at least not packed full of extra stuff that I don't know anything about. I think it teaches them some balance.  They don't need to always avoid treats or packaged foods - just work out how to eat them in moderation.  


Pip said…
Hmm that's impressive! My poor kids don't have pre-packaged stuff except a few rice crackers or corn thins in a plastic bag and I don't bake them things very often for their lunch box. And I'm a SAHM so no excuses on that front really ; ) They would LOVE to live at your house with that lunch box system!

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