Party season is under way

Ok, so D E E P breaths. It's a party year. Since I make everything up on the run when it comes to family stuff, a few years ago in my brilliance I thought we could have a party every second year (most likely I was stalling on making an actual decision). However, it means that during party year I am throwing a party every month for four months in a row.

Why was I not as clever as my clever friends? They, in their cleverness, have devised plans like 'only parties at ages 7, 14 & 18'. Or 'only in Years 1 and 4'. This means you don't end up having ALL the parties in one year (which means you are left with brain space to be even cleverererer).

Note: this is a plane, not a prop from
the set of the TV show 'Lost'

Truly, I do love my kids, but parties do take some effort and and the regular humiliation of my badly iced cakes is quite draining. I was particularly burnt by the boy's 9 year old party where none of the children would participate in any of the games (I know, I know, how naive of us - we organized actual games in the backyard - that did not involve laser guns - sooo, 2002, or whatever).

Yes, I had to explain that the
pink ball was meant to be a cricket ball ...

Many of our parties have involved one of us entertaining the children and providing food while lugging around a tantruming toddler or a whiney baby. And in the younger years the parents hang around which is lovely because you get to meet everyone, but they also get the pleasure of seeing us managing the grumpy small offspring who are usually displaying their most stunning behaviour. Ahh - warts and all.

Entertaining the party children with
a toddler in the backpack.  Desperate times!

So while I won't be posting any photos of my beautiful magazine-like parties (since there are none), I paused for a moment before last weekend's party and thought to myself, 'You know what? We've had a lot of kids in our home over the years, met lots of lovely parents, and made some fun memories. And hey, there isn't anything vaguely looking like a proper balance in the food colours on this table (mostly yellow).  All round good times.


olhoppy said…
Hi Jenny !
When you mentioned 'I paused for a moment', You didn't include the wonderful(normal human)Christian influence, and the amazing sharing of God's eternal love, that you two, and your kids, so generously spread around your neighborhood!!
Keep up the good - FUN! -- ooops, I nearly said 'work'!
Reading your 'Blog' always reminds me to say a prayer for you blokes, and to try to remember to do it regularly.
God bless ... Garth
Anonymous said…
Bless you for posting this! I really struggle with the mums who post photos of their colour-coordinated designer parties, where everything looks like its walked off the pages of a Donna Hay magazine. I must admit I wonder about what motives are involved in posting that stuff as well.

This is my favourite kids birthday party post ever.
Karen said…
Still loving your work. Hope you survive party season :)
I've felt considerable guilt over the years for hardly ever sending in a cake, fancy cupcakes or some other highly decorated creation to school/child care or wherever for my kids' birthdays. This year, our 9 year old's teacher sent home a note saying multi-packs of chocolate bars are fine to celebrate birthdays with. Never had a note brought so much joy to my life :)
I do the every second year thing , but so that I only have to do two out of the four kids each year. And insisted that the August and September child was paired up with one of the December and January me a good four months to recover. I used to look down on people who went to McDonalds etc, but this year we had a tenpin bowling party and it was heaven. They provided all food except the birthday cake AND a teenager who ran games, served food etc. I sat and talked to the other parents, whilst this teenager did everything....then left the mess behind and went home! PS my cakes are also less than impressive, so my solution to that is those bought cake toppers...yep cheating all the way!

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