The grey hair challenge begins (ahh, publicly accountable now!)

Well, who knew that the discussion on hair colour would generate such interest?  Not me, but it must be something that we're thinking about or at least got an opinion on.  

I think I'm going to do it.  I want to let it grow out and see how I look.  I have to be brave and push through.  Everything I've read says that you start to get the wobbles at about the 4 month mark when the stripe becomes really obvious (I'm almost at 3 months since I last coloured it). You can see that mine is looking pretty obvious now but I usually tie my hair back so that hides it pretty well a lot of the time.  I might cut it short depending on how it looks by the end of the year.  But I do like having long hair (predominately because I'm lazy).

Jamie Lee Curtis looking funky
I'm inspired by looking at women with grey hair and realise that it's not their hair colour that I look at.  I look at their faces, their smile and if I know them then it's all about their personality.  So I have to keep telling myself it doesn't matter.  I guess I will just age rapidly now and plateau for a while through my 40's while everyone else catches up!


Karen said…
I didn't contribute to the discussion last time because at this point I am fortunate to have only noticed one or two grey hairs here. (I'm sure it's coming though...).
Just wanted to encourage you in growing it out. ANd to say that I was just watching previews for NCIS earlier today and noticed that Jamie Lee Curtis is guest starring in the new episodes, complete with short funky hairdo. Hope she's a good inspiration for you!
Nicky F said…
Did you think about just dying your hair grey?

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