Star Wars books for boys

Ok - so girls might like Star Wars books too, but so far I haven't experienced the mass rush to the Star Wars section of the library by girls.  It is the boys in Years 1- 3 (ages 6-9).  They LOVE Star Wars.  Even though Star Wars has been around for most of my life, I don't particularly get the attraction, but there is this age group that seem to really like it (and hey, I'm not a boy in years 1-3 at school!).

I have had great fun buying books on Star Wars for work.  This week we got a lovely new set of DK readers from the Book Depository.  Including the literary masterpieces 'What is a Wookiee?' and 'The secret life of droids' ('Do Droids have best friends?', 'Could YOU help a droid in need?', says the back cover ... love it).  There are readers from the basic level to the higher, more independent levels.  The few copies I do have in the library are permanently on loan so these new books will be a great addition.

What spurred me on to think more about these types of books was a post by Trevor Cairney on science and technology books for boys (this is totally brilliant blog btw - essential reading if you are interested in anything to do with children's literature, literacy, learning, book recommendations).  I thought it was particularly helpful especially as I myself have a boy who is struggling to gain fluency in his reading.  Just pushing as many books as possible to these types of readers is vital - just getting them reading something, anything is the key.


When my boy was in the start of Year 2 he was struggling to read AND to get TO read, and I discovered these books. We tossed out the home readers, started reading Star Wars and his reading has soared.
He is just not into typical story type books. He either reads these or science based factual books..and he's just getting into history stuff in the middle of year 3.
Karen said…
One of my boys is in Year 2, in the middle of your demographic, and yes, as usual, you're right on the money. He loves Star Wars books, and anything science/technology/fact related. Part of his homework is to write a sentence each night, and his plan of attack with this has been to go off and read one of his science-related books, find an interesting fact, and paraphrase it into a sentence (I'm drilling into him the importance of not plagiarising after a semester of telling Uni students the same thing...)

And I'm very jealous that you get to buy kids books as part of your job, that would be very cool fun!

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