Wet Saturday at my place

I felt a little like this today!
As the day ends I reflect on how many times I have loaded the dishwasher today - 3 times.  What is that about?  I think it's a combination of a wet weekend and the 11yo deciding to bake.  I didn't even cook anything interesting.  Plus washed up a few times.

What else did I do today?  Worked out what we really needed to have washed out of the mountain of unwashed clothing.  And then tried out our new dryer (our old one stopped working just before 10 days of almost solid rain kicked in).  I normally only use it to dry emergency undie/sock/uniform washes.

Took three of the kids shopping for a birthday present (which was thankfully chosen very quickly) and some cardboard for school projects.  One child had netball (she played in the rain and has been very sick for most the week with the flu - not thrilled about her playing) and another had a birthday party.  But my husband generously did all the driving around for that.

And yesterday I cleaned the house so today I have a sore back.  Which is a consequence of my gym being closed for four days while they renovate (I don't think I realised how dependant I am on my trips to the gym to keep my body functioning smoothly) and having to bend over a billion times to pick up all the junk (apologies, I'm not supposed to call their precious things 'junk', although we all know that's exactly what it is).

The kids did help a lot today - but just quietly, I do get so weary of the sighing and huffing and puffing that requests for help entail - which then results in the necessary consequences of this type of behaviour.  Yawn (for boredom), but important.  I know, I know.  I've read the blogs.

I did get to have a rest this afternoon and had a look at some of the inspiring articles/posts on going grey.  Feel quite inspired now and Rowan is keen for me to give it a go.  We're 2 1/2 months in, so I'm only just getting started.  A couple of years ago I actually didn't colour my hair for 18 months so I think it will look OK.  I just have to persevere.  Now that I'm 40, it feels like it is OK to look a bit older, since, hey (being realistic), I actually am, like, well, older.

And now I'm going to enjoy my very hot and spicy Pakistani takeaway, a glass of wine and feel good about all the dishes and washing I've done today.


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