And ... I'm back (deep breath)

Part of the reason I changed jobs was so that I could work in a school and get school holidays.  What a great blessing they are, because having two weeks in a row away with our family was lovely.  I actually feel rested and not stressed for the first time in ages.  Spent time with our friends in Melbourne (had a bit of a reality TV tragic fan day seeing a contestant from Masterchef filming in a patisserie and the winners of the show 'The Block' leaving their newly renovated house- haven't laughed so hard in ages).

We then drove back up to the south coast of NSW and had a lovely week with friends near the beach.  Sunny days, long walks on the beach, bike rides, lots of reading.  Watching the Brady Bunch together (how come they have six children and a full-time housekeeper?  I have one less child ... mmm.  Oh, and that's right, I don't want a cleaner).  Enjoying Masterchef, Le Tour.  

It was the first holiday when we didn't have one of our children with us.  Our 14 year old spent the second week away at a camp that he loves going on.  Felt a bit sad that we've got to this stage, but we decided we'd compromise for everyone's happiness.  It's only going to get harder and more complicated in the years ahead.

And so what's ahead?  Piles of washing, shopping, cooking, getting number 2 child ready to go to a NSW state music camp this afternoon, another child to a sleepover tonight.  Three music exams to 'encourage' practice for, band competitions over the next two weekends, one Saturday in a few weeks with four birthday parties to attend (not for me, the children - did you think for a moment that I'm out having a life? - hee, hee!), husband going away, me back to work, reading, homework, regional speech competition. Actually, I can't really remember all the details - I know there's more. Usual madness.

Time to gear up, but glad for the rest.


Karen said…
Welcome back, love your beach shack photo backgrounds!
Richard said…
Glad you had a great time Jenny,
you certainly deserve it :) You are a great mum!
Melbourne really does look cold!
Meredith said…
What a lovely post. Sounds like a lovely holiday. Go well this coming term.

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