Mess shifts from playroom to bedroom

Since our youngest started school this year the playroom has become a desert of rolling tumbleweed (well, actually, carpet with leaves that blow in from outside the back door).  The kids don't use it much, the cat likes sleeping there, I dump all my clean washing in there.  I have been starting to ponder what to do with this room because it's not a proper room - it's an indoor/outdoor type room.

And the toy cupboard that I have enjoyed for years since I had two little ones, is now haunting me at night.  It is full of unsorted bits of toys that hardly get touched.  I need to do a big cull come the next school holidays.

Toy cupboard of my nightmares
What's happened is that the chaos of the playroom that ended each of my long days at home with little kids, has now been replaced by the sight of two disgustingly messy bedrooms.  See exhibit A and exhibit B below (great work Team Kemp - not).

Exhibit A (nice work girls)
Exhibit B (top effort guys)

I'm finding that this below is my current method of coping (and planning a blitz over the weekend).

Aren't closed doors the best thing??!


Karen said…
Oh, yes. Sometimes I just can't bear the sight of the untidy bedrooms at the end of the hallway and I just have to close the doors so I can pretend they don't exist.

Fortunately I can currently use the added excuse of needing to keep the mobile baby out of the bedroom full of Lego as a good reason to keep them closed!

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