More book week craziness

So here's what I've dressed up as for the past three days. 

Obi-Wan from the People of the Library

Professor Trelawny from Department of Magical Libraries

Rainbow Magic Library Fairy
It has been fun but to be honest I'm super tired and struggling with a horrendous cold sore.  And tomorrow I have to go in for an extra day of work to run the book week parade.  Very thankful that my own children don't have a book week parade.  That kind of extra event (especially with four children involved) would probably mean my whole face would become one giant cold sore.


Deb said…
The Rainbow Magic Fairy is my favourite! Definitely! I'm in awe. Meanwhile, I'm busy burning my finger with a hot glue gun and swapping costume plans at the last minute.
Jean said…
Oh, I LOVE Professor Trelawney - you dressed up as her, that is. What a hilarious character! You must have had a lot of fun with these.
Sandra said…
Sarah said…
Professor Trelawney is definitely my favourite. You look great! :)

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