New 'friends' on Twitter

In the past few weeks I've had the opportunity to attend a couple of conferences for work.  As a new teacher librarian (and frankly, just being me) I love all the stimulation and new ideas.  I'm particularly interested in using social networking as a way to connect with other teacher librarians and exchange new ideas.

So during these conferences I've been madly tweeting and as a result I've started to 'meet' other teacher librarians who are interested in the same thing as me.  It is quite an amazing phenomenon.  Quite different to facebook that enables me to keep up with my friends, twitter is introducing me to new people in a professional capacity.

I'm starting to consider if I need to rethink my blog and perhaps develop a more 'professional' blog, consolidating some more of my work related posts and leave the general musings and ramblings about life to you privileged lot!  So much I 'could' do - so many ideas.  I always come away from these conferences feeling vaguely excited but also a bit panicky.

I LOVE new ideas - they energise me.  But which ideas do you choose to run with?  Arrgh - life is truly too short to fit in all of my endless schemes!  Plus I have an awful lot of things that have to happen each day aside from my dreaming.  Like the marriage and the five kids and the job ...


Kath said…
tempted to tweet you, Jenny, and get into a conversation about this.
I've been thinking about the same thing with my blog, too. Wondering how I could get more focussed and combine both work and other interests - especially around listening.
I'd love to talk more because I don't really know who to chat about it with :)
Jenny said…
Hey Kath - just tweeted you. Would love to think more about this.

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