The lesson my mismatched dinner set teaches me

Sometimes this is what I would like my dinner table to look like.

But here's what I actually serve dinner in.

It's hard sometimes to look at beautiful blogs and beautiful magazines and beautiful photos and then be confronted by reality.  I live in a world the bombards me with the insistence that all I have should look beautiful and perfect but it isn't.

So instead I look up and around at the people eating out of the imperfect dinner set and remember what really matters.

Not my mismatching bowls.
No way.


JMS said…
I grew up (as one of five children) with mismatched dinner sets and did not give it a thought as a kid. We also had mismatched chairs at the table, and more often than not a few extra people sitting with us (my Mum could always stretch a meal). I am sure your kids know that its not about the dinner sets too :0)

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