The bag I didn't pack

This is a picture of the bag for Year 6 camp that I didn't pack.  I love not packing bags.  It brings me much joy.  After many years of packing for all the kids it feels SO liberating.

I used to hate going away because of the packing.  But over the last few years the kids have pretty much packed themselves.  They ask me what to pack and they pack it.  If they're going away on a camp by themselves they print off the list and pack it.  It is so glorious.

Sure, it can have downfalls. I optimistically (and probably quite lazily) let the 5yo pack her own bag for a church weekend away earlier in the year.  Yeah, ok.  So we could have done with another pair of undies and something warm for her to wear (the flouncy pink party dress probably wasn't the ideal camping gear).  Oh yes, and a towel would have been handy, as would have a pair of socks (it rained the whole weekend).

But we did have a Zhu Zhu pet (that awoke during various points of the night to wake us all up and freak us out), a shiny pink toiletry bag full of hair clips, a beautiful silk purse and three toothbrushes.

So, yeah, bit of a way to go.  But still feels sooo good.


Heather said…
That is excellent! We've probably dropped the ball on away type packing.
My current (probably insanely ambitious) attempt is aimed at the 9yo maintaining a diary of his own, where he writes which day is sport/violin/animal husbandry etc with a list of what goes it his bag for it. I refuse to pack a school bag. I'm hoping if I start now, it might work by high school. What do you think?
Sandra said…
I used to help the kids pack when they were little - we'd talk about how many days we were going away, what they thought they'd need etc, then we'd make a list and they'd have to find the stuff then I'd help them pack.
It backfired when I packed the bag with the youngest then 4 to go to Katoomba in April. It felt the same weight when I put it in the car. But when we got there all was revealed - one swimming costume, her blankie and a bag full of soft toys. And the clothes she was wearing.
However now she is the best packer - makes her own list and is rarely without what she needs. The eldest is still unable to make a decision and takes twice as much as what she needs but still is always missing something essential. And the middle child packs stuff that 'other people might need'

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