Where did the ordinary go?

On the weekend I was thankful for the ordinary.  And then it kind of evaporated!

Monday I pottered off to work like normal and by lunchtime I was on the train home to pick up my 10 year old from school who had vomited in her classroom.  Poor teacher.  Three kids threw up in her class on the one day.  When we got home she continued to vomit on and off for hours.  Since then she's been half asleep on the lounge.  Poor chook.

I stayed at home on Tuesday and awoke to my very own special set of cold sores.  Not one.  But two.  On my top lip.  By the way, a very helpful discussion on Facebook resulted in me trying a vitamin supplement with Lysine in it.  Wonderful stuff.

My body does not like me doing too much (as I did on the weekend - going away with 50 women on a conference for women who have husbands doing Christian work among uni students from across Australia - we talked a lot).  It packs it in, despite my mind being willing to keep going and pushing on.

Then to put the icing on the cake I smashed my little toe on the edge of the bed as I was hopping into bed last night.  It was so painful I thought I was going to throw up.  And when I looked down at my foot after I stopped writhing in agony I noticed my toe was bent.

So I hobbled off to hospital this morning to discover I'd broken it.  A nice and neat (but super painful) fracture.  Now strapped up with an attractive 'shoe' to accompany me through the next six weeks.

It will also accompany me as I fly to Florence on December 7.  Most excellent timing hey?!


Karen said…
Ouch....but maybe you'll get a nice roomy seat on the plane to accommodate your larger sized footwear?

And most exciting news about your trip :)
Rodney Olsen said…
That looks painful. I hope your toe recovers quickly.
Sarah said…
Ouch! When I saw the first pic of your bent toe, I wondered if it was broken. Hope it mends quickly and you can enjoy Florence (is your trip work-related?).

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