13 + summer reading list

As usual these are not all new books, but they're books that I've enjoyed in 2012.

'Starters' by Lissa Price is a dystopian story that actually has quite an interesting premise.  During a world-wide viral epidemic, only the young and the over 60's are given a life saving vaccination.   The over 60's are now able to live into old age, while the young are left starving and orphaned, unable to work until they are 18 so they don't take the jobs of the elderly.  16 yo Callie is looking after her little brother, but cannot work out how to care for him alone.  The option comes for her to earn a large sum of money by renting her body out to a senior.  But while she is being rented something goes wrong and she wakes up, discovering that her body is going to be used to commit a murder.

'Matched' is a dystomance (we made this genre up).  Ie. a dystopian romance!  The Society determines through DNA and psychological testing who your perfect match will be. You don't have to get married, but if you do choose to, the Society will match you up.  The book opens with Cassia's matching ball but of course, love gets in the way, and nothing plays out as it should.

'The Bridge' - yes more dystopian... but this one is about a warring city divided by a bridge.  An up and coming star of the army, risks it all to go across the bridge to rescue his best friend's kidnapped younger brother.  Great adventure story, written by NZ writer Jane Higgins.

'The wave' by Morton Rhue is the fascinating true story of a teacher whose classroom Nazi experience goes too far.  This is a quick read and very interesting about the power a few people can have in a community.  Good adult read too.

'Good oil' by Laura Buzo is an Australian book that tells the story of 15 year old Amelia as she starts her new job at Woolies and as she falls in love with the 21 year old Chris.  A classic teenage romance. Recommended for 15+.

'Little Brother' by Cory Doctorow tells the story of four 17 year olds caught up in the middle of a terrorist attack on San Francisco, but mistakenly captured by the Department of Homeland Security.  Once released they work out way to undermine the authority of the DHS.  Great book for kids who are into gaming/computers.  Recommended for 15+.

Find some of my other favourite 2012 YA fiction here.


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