Saturday, December 8, 2012

Books for 7+

Here are the books that have been great hits with the 7-10 year old crowd in 2012.  Hope it helps with your Christmas shopping!

New Geronimo Stilton series 'The Kingdom of Fantasy'

'Tom Gates' series

'EJ12' - spy girls books that are good after they get tired of 'Rainbow Magic' fairies.  

'Unicorn Riders' - serve a similar purpose to EJ12!

'Dinosaur Rescue' - combining dinosaurs with adventure.  Perfect combination!

'Specky Magee' for the AFL mad (a little more challenging read).

'Nanny Piggins' has been hugely successful this year.  

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Anonymous said...

I was just in Australia for a week and made sure I went through all your blogs about kids books before I went. Bought quite a few of the ones you wrote about while I was there (as not all are available on Amazon here in Europe). Thanks for posting so much about kids books!