Friday in Florence

Did lots of walking today. Went for a long walk with my friend and her almost 5 year old (my new best friend) this morning.

While being here in winter is cold, walking around is very pleasant (you get warm quickly) and there are always beautiful things (like the lane way below) to look at.

On the way home from picking the kids up from school we enjoyed a yummy Friday treat at the local bakery. Bit different to the old cheese and bacon roll from Baker's delight that is my kid's treat of choice!

This afternoon I waltzed into the Uffizi gallery with my pre booked ticket (booked by my friend over the phone-am sooo thankful for an Italian speaking friend!). Not a queue in sight. Have heard horror stories of waiting for seven hours in a queue. Rowan and I came to Florence almost exactly 15 years ago when I was pregnant with our eldest. He was keen to go but I was being completely lazy and chose the option of an afternoon nap. So today's visit made up for that!
Have enjoyed the time when I've wandered around on my own but don't think I could be on my own for too long. Staying with a busy family has distracted me from missing my own family terribly but did find it a bit hard missing out on my second child's year 6 party yesterday.

However, I'm managing to press on ;)



Tasmanian said…
Argh! Such cool photos!
Richard said…
Lovely photos Jenny :)

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