Last party for 2012 ... phew!

Yesterday was No 5's sixth birthday party.  With a predicated forecast of tops of 42 degrees (celsius) we were feeling that a 2pm party may have been a bit of a mistake.  Plus we haven't done many 'little' kid parties for a while and our creativity was lacking.

Anyway we rallied the troops and managed to pull off a fun party.  We had lots of games (did you know that ministers are often quite good party entertainers?  Good to have a back up career plan ;),

facepainting (the 12 year old has learnt to do it this year - highly, highly recommend encouraging this skill)

pass-the-parcel cobbled together five minutes before the guests arrived

Pin the crown on the princess

Outdoor water fun to cool them down.

She was happy and the kids had a great time.


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