A year of almost full time working: what I enjoyed

I like to use the summer break to reflect on the year and I've found myself mulling over the impact on my life of returning to almost full time work at the start of 2012.

I've enjoyed the challenge of a new job, getting my head around my role and developing new relationships with my colleagues. I've enjoyed teaching more than I ever anticipated. I retrained as a librarian because I was convinced that I never wanted to teach again. But being older (grayer!) and less concerned about my likability, I have enjoyed the teacher/student dynamic a lot. It's made me hanker after my original teaching subjects-we'll see how long the librarian gig continues to appeal for.

I've liked not having to worry about money as much for the first time in years. Being able to pay for things like glasses and the dentist without sleepless nights has been an enormous blessing. I certainly don't take this for granted. Doing things like visiting my friend in Italy was a huge privilege.

My brain has enjoyed the stimulation of new challenges without the emotional drain that mothering challenges present. My days at work are busy, but relatively straightforward compared to what I've managed over the years at home with kids. The days I'm not working feel more frantic than the days I'm at work.

But it hasn't been all smooth sailing and I'll share more next time.



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