Back to school shopping ...

... has dominated this week - my one week at home before I go back to work next week.  I don't like shopping, even when it is fun.  But buying shoes and uniforms and bags ... blah.

And why can't I just buy a school BAG - why do I get all this extra stuff which I don't need and then have to find somewhere to put it?  The eight year old boy is of course VERY thrilled about the extras but he doesn't actually have a use for half of the stuff.

Thrilling times hey?!


Karen said…
Yeah, it's like that here too. Except my two school aged kids are away visiting grandparents so I think I have put my head into the sand about the fact they actually have to get all this stuff organised.

We did buy the Year 5 child a new school bag this year, after I realised he'd had the same bag since Kindergarten. It was the one I bought at the school uniform shop with the school logo on it. It lasted pretty well, I'm pretty sure the cheapie we replaced it with won't have that kind of longevity. My husband was keen to see if it would last him for the rest of primary school but I really do think its time was up...

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