First day at high school - Mark 2

Yesterday my beautiful girl started high school.  She went to bed the night before having a little cry because she was feeling so nervous about it.

But she woke up, calmly ate breakfast and got herself ready.  It was a great answer to prayer - many people had prayed for her overnight.

This has not been a straightforward decision.  I have felt doubts that we're doing the right thing by her sending her to the local school.  Even though we feel happy and feel reassured by other parents and teachers who work there, that she will be happy, we didn't fight the good fight (outlined here). She didn't sit an exam to get in.  It's just our local.

But today I went along to a morning tea for the parents and almost the first mum I spoke to was a librarian!  Who it turns out knows another good friend of mine from the neighbourhood.

It's little things like this that are reassuring.  We want to stay local as much as possible.   This is what we wanted and already the connections we've made in primary school are being broadened.

Let's see how she backs up for another day today.  Year 7 is such a steep learning curve.  I just hope she makes it to the weekend at this point!


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