Two tone - grey hair almost 10 months in

This is what my hair looks like today.  Weird hey?  This going grey thing is quite fascinating - if you're OK with looking slightly strange for months on end.  I think the worst bit was actually the first few months when people are wondering if you're going to do anything about those terrible roots.  But now it's kind of clear that I'm not.

I'm aiming to keep growing it until it is long enough to tie back.  So probably a few months to go.


Anonymous said…
"when people are wondering if you're going to do anything about those terrible roots"

That's what i love about your blog: you say the things that noone wants to admit to thinking! Love it.
Pip said…
I really honestly like the grey. It is such a soft colour next to your face, compared to how harsh some women look with dyed hair.
Anonymous said…
My mum just came back from 6 months in Africa, having left with her hair cut short it has now grown and she has let the grey come with it.

It has made me realise a few things, just how many women must keep up with colouring their hair,my mum is only 50 this year and I had never thought about how many women would be naturally grey, and how many choices I make purely on my visual appearance and possibly as a late 20's women, how attached I could be to them.

I respect my mum for not caring as much as I do, even more when her sister, an ex-hairdresser is the first to pull out the dye when my mum shows a bit of grey!
Danni R said…
Forgot to put my name on the above post :P

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