Giveaway time ...

I got given Lisa McCune's book 'Hopscotch and Honey Joys' for free last year, but it is a recipe book and I have no more space in my kitchen for recipe books (however pretty).  The book includes lots of kid friendly recipes (these cute bear car racers are an example, it also has the instructions for the marshmallow/freckle teacup thingeys).

So I thought I'd share it with one of my readers.

You need to work for this giveaway though.

What's the healthiest family dinner you can produce in 30 minutes?

On Mondays I get home from work at 5:30 and we need to eat at 6 because music lessons start at 6:15.  Eeekkk.  Gets a bit tight.

Oh and we can't eat eggs or nuts because of the allergy child.

Join the challenge and WIN!


Jane Lister said…
Healthiest family dinner in the fastest time:
Fish Fillets tossed in White Wings Crumb in One, and then pan fried. Add some oven fries (put them on first) and a quick side salad or steamed veg. Done in 15 mins max and so very healthy. If the kids don't like fish let them drown it in tartare/barbeque/tomato sauce.
Beth McDonald said…
Chicken Quesedillas

Mix the following in a bowl:
Cooked chicken (left overs or a BBQ chook)
Tinned corn
Diced tomato
1/4 bunch coriander
Salt & pepper to taste

Spoon a couple of spoonfuls onto a tortilla and top with grated cheese.
Fold in half & cook in a sandwich press.
Serve with any of the following... Salad, guacamole, salsa, sour cream.
Motherhugger said…
Burgers are quick and healthy, especially if the kids make the salad. But, in truth, our quick and lazy back-up meal is tuna pasta, with Philadelphia Cream Cheese for Cooking stirred through. Add corn or chives or whatever you like. Use salmon (tinned or smoked) if you prefer. Always gets eaten at our house.

I also got that book for free, and haven't looked at it yet. Thanks for telling me what's in it.
How about lamb kofta balls, rice and a side salad? Easy to throw together, easy to premake, etc....
lucy white said…
Chicken fajitas.
Diced chicken
Sliced onion
Sliced peppers

Fry above - chicken first to brown then add the rest. Sprinkle over the old el paso mix ( for that all authentic mexican smoky flavour) and make sure well cooked. Season to taste.

Tortilla wraps - wham in microwave for 30 seconds to warm and soften. Meantime children have put salad in bowl. Other child has put soured cream in dish.. If you can be bothered otherwise tell them to grate cheese.

Done. Everyone sit down please. Spoon the chicken
, onion, pepper gourmet mix into a tortilla, tell them to add their cheese and roll it up like a carpet. Everyone just shush and eat please. Finished. Bush bash bosh.

Follow this and you'll have 5 mins to spare at end!

Sandra said…
Grilled anything (chicken, fish, steak, lamb) plus some sort of marinade if desired plus a salad.
Motherhugger said…
I've been looking at the book and it's good - lots of family friendly recipes, nicely presented.

I reckon it is OK to have what I call Snack Dinner. Bread (olive bread?), cheese, hummus with carrot and cucumber sticks, sliced apple or other fruit, and voila! A family version of Ploughman's Lunch. Beer optional.
Anonymous said…
As I live in a small country town with no take away food that's worth buying, I would definitely make it Monday night take away if I lived in the big smoke again. Oh how I miss King St Thai!
However if that's not a good option for your family I reckon you can't go past a quick stir fry - chicken or beef and I think 90 second rice is your friend!
Looking forward to winning the cookbook ;)
Susan R.
Pip said…
Don't suppose this competition is open to employees or relatives ; )

My fasted meal is beef tortillas, but that uses left over mince from the day before (or you could freeze cooked mince and defrost in the fridge that day, then nuke it). Just add grated cheese, carrot, cucumber, lettuce and sour cream.

Pip said…
'fasted meal' - yeah that's the quickest, lets NOT eat anything :D

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