How do I give my kids the edge?

This week an article I was asked to contribute to the Australian Christian parenting website 'Growing Faith' was published.  Still in shock I was asked to contribute - hope it passes the test!

If you're interested, here's the link:


Karen said…
I liked it too. Something that I am thinking about here as well as we are tossing up whether to commit to a Saturday sporting activity for one of our kids...we've never done it before since Sundays are so full with church activities, we've wanted to keep Saturdays as a quieter day after a busy week of work and school. I'm worried about whether it will just be too much for us all and whether church activities might suffer as a result...

Congratulations on getting published though, well done :)

Sarah said…
I like it. Well done. I reckon it passes the test. :)
Ruth said…
Great article Jenny. :)
Heather said…
That was definitely my experience growing up and I appreciate my parents more and more as I realize how difficult it is to prioritise Christ amongst other good things. We managed to put in youth group and church first this year for J but we need to be so much more careful about our own modeling!

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