My coffee table

This was my coffee table the other night after the children had all gone to bed.  These are the books they're reading now, have read and will read.  All jumbled into one.  It warms my heart this picture.  It is also a mess ... but I'll focus on the warming the heart bit!

Oh, and there's also the brush, coffee cup, homework and a shoe (what?) in the mix.


CoastalRev said…
Hey Jenny, I need your advice. My eldest, a Miss 7, is in the top reading group. But she hates reading anything but preschooler books. My bride is a non-reader (historical medical reasons); I've tried to stipulate times when Miss 7 and I take time out together to read (my back catalogue is huge and I find reading time hard to get, so it serves me, too!). Miss 7 thinks chapter books are boring, but I also know she is a lazy academic.

Please, please, p,ease do you have any advice?

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