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Starting to decorate the grey

I've been a bit quiet here because I haven't got anything much to share that can be tied together into something coherent.

We've got over the initial hump of the start of the year - starting a new school, getting into the routine of a new timetable for myself, Rowan going away a lot during January and February, kids mostly sorted with their extra curricular mayhem.

This week I've felt quite tired.  I woke up this morning and couldn't believe it was only Wednesday - yawn.  So weary.  And a very long term still ahead...

Term time is just powering through from week to the next.  At the moment my head is feeling a bit sore as we try to work out how to incorporate the use of iPads into our teaching.  It is interesting and challenging but like all things new, can start to make your head hurt after a while.  I do enjoy pushing myself with using new technology in teaching (certainly doesn't come naturally) and I think it is going to make so much of what we do a lot more interesting for the students too.

Now I need to go and collapse in front of a bit of mindless TV before I fall asleep and do it all again tomorrow.

That's it - my apologies.  Just thankful I'm able to get up and keep doing it each day even if it fries my brain a bit.


Tasmanian said…
So nice to hear a liitle something. Your hair looks so cute today. :)

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