I survived teaching a child to sew!

Sewing is like painting to me. When the kids were preschoolers they always wanted to paint at home and I mostly suppressed their creativity and said 'no'. Yes, I'm one of those mothers. The mess and the cleaning up of the mess was too much for me on top of all the normal, day-to-day life mess. I was pleased they went to preschool - I could pay money for them to paint.

So, I've put off teaching the kids sewing or knitting. Mostly because you need to have some chunks of uninterrupted time to teach them-plus the physical and mental energy to stay patient through the process.
But now that my daughter has been taught the basics by someone who is paid to do it (she's learning to sew at school) and I was in the right headspace, we could pull it off.
We had fun (actual fun - not just gritted teeth) making a 'scrappy owl cushion' * today. I helped with some of the trickier bits but she did most of it. I'm not the world's greatest sewer but I realised today that I have learnt quite a lot over the years. It's a good skill to have. The other kids were excited at the prospect of projects they might make.
Refreshing to do something creative for the first time in ages.
*you can find the instructions here http://theeternalthread.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/to-print-pattern-click-here.html


Motherhugger said…
Lovely. She seems proud of herself. And yes, a great skill to have.
Karen said…
As someone without that skill, I agree that it is a good skill to have :)

The cushion looks really good!
Well done, Neave - and mum!

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