Random thoughts

Recently I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I'd like to be doing more of if I had more time.

What I'd like to be doing ...

Cooking and baking more from scratch
Sewing quilts
Making kid's presents
Taking photos of all the above and putting them into a beautiful blog
Developing photos and putting them in an album
Practicing the piano
Having long conversations with friends
Decluttering my house properly

What I'm actually doing ...

Going to work
Tidying my house so we can move through it and not contract serious diseases
Picking up stuff off floors
Meeting up with some of the uni staff girls
Washing clothes
Cooking meals that are essential for existence
Leading my Bible study group
Food shopping at speed
Studying (yes, back at uni this semester)
Helping children practice the piano
Taking the children places - many, many places
Writing cheques to pay for the 'many, many places' that my children visit
Having conversations at speed with friends (makes me feel like a bit of a madwoman)
Lying around coping with migraines
... and trying to be content with the current season.


Sarah said…
What are you studying, Jenny?
Jenny said…
I've enrolled in a Masters of Education (teacher librarianship) but I think I'm going to defer for a semester. The thought of studying again is a struggle!

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