Why Easter matters

Just having a little ponder about Easter today.

Was disappointed yesterday when I realised that my 6 year old wasn't all that clear on the finer points of Easter.

We're going to use the Resurrection Eggs (see the image) tonight and go through the Easter story.  It's sad that my kids haven't been kind of hammered with Easter in Sunday School and Scripture.

I feel strongly about this one because Easter is the main game for me as a Christian.  It's the weekend where I am reminded of all that I believe.

I do feel that we talk more about Jesus dying for us than we do about the resurrection.  But for me, if I'm going to invest a huge part of my thinking and time and money into something, I'd like to be trusting in a God who is alive.

I grew up in a country where people worshipped statues and I could never understand how putting your trust in a dead rock that another person made would give purpose and comfort. However, here in the West, as far as I can see, we've just replaced that dead rock with houses and mortgages and careers and education and brilliant children to provide purpose and comfort.

Jesus' resurrection shows he is powerful and bigger than me.  And bigger than me and the death I am inevitably facing.  It gives me hope.  And gives me hope for my Christian sister who is today dying after suffering with pancreatic cancer for the past three and a half years.

So this Easter I'm remembering the hope that Jesus' resurrection gives of a life after death.  A life without pain or suffering.  A life that is the way it's meant to be.  Not this broken existence that we live in now.


heather said…
Have just been to a Good Friday celebration in the country where dead rocks are worshipped - in fact there is quite a large one not far away which is attached to a loud PA system! We certainly have a much better hope than that.
Sally said…
Thank you for reminding us that Easter is about Jesus... It is too easy to forget.
Your comments remind me about what we have been learning in bible study from Deuteronomy where families need to consciously and deliberately teach their kids about all the great things God has done.

Resurrection eggs are such a good way of teaching our kids about Jesus.
Beck said…
This is ages after Easter... But thought you'd like to hear that our 6 yr old claimed on Easter Sunday that she did not know that Jesus had come back to life. She thought he stayed dead. So yep, it happened here too. On the upside she was super excited to find out about the resurrection! Good News!!

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