Grey hair - one year mark

So here I am, one year into my hair journey.

What's been hard? Having stripey hair. Wearing my hair pulled back all the time when I like wearing it down. Struggling with feeling old because it is ageing me. Being a bit alone in the process.

What have I enjoyed? Extra time and money not being spent at the hairdresser. Feeling like I'm being freed from societal expectations to look a certain way. That my true hair colour has helped me engage with the reality that I am in fact getting old (not always enjoyable).

I've also learnt that my hair grows painfully s l o w l y.

But now at the point where the painful process makes me want to keep going. Curious how the end product will look.


Margaret said…
Hang in there! When it is all your natural hair it will be the business. Would you consider lopping of the last of the coloured hair? As one who has sported a pixie cut for the best part of 17 years I can vouch for its liberating qualities.
Yes, why not go a shorter style for a while? It wouldn't have to be too short, leave the darker pieces as a longer layer maybe, with shorter layers on top?
Meredith said…
Good work you. I was just wondering only yesterday how you were going. You look beautiful.

I agree with the shorter style. I was once growing out a fringe and when the fringe got to "bob" length (and being utterly frustrated with process) I had the rest of my hair cut to the length of the fringe in a very snazzy bob and hey presto, the growing out of the fringe process was done.

I can't believe it has been a whole year. Well done.
Jenny said…
I had a short pixie cut when I was younger and I found growing it out hard too. I have been getting the ends cut off but I want enough hair left for me to be able to pull it back. Will have another cut before school goes back.
Anonymous said…
I love your hair project! I am proud of you - even though we've never met. I'm doing the same - but having never dyed my hair - gradually grey, which is less noticeable, I guess. But the thing I like about grey hair at our age, is that it makes our faces look younger. I think society expects grey haired women to only be very old and grail, so when they see a face that's not 80 with grey hair, their reaction is 'wow, she's young'! I hope you get my meaning, and intended compliment, even though this is a little garbled! Must get back to work on those school lunches....
Well done
Caroline E
Anonymous said…
oops. Frail, not grail.
Jenny said…
Thanks for the encouragement Caroline!

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