I've been sewing - and its been such fun*!

For a while I have wanted to teach myself to make little purses and pencil cases to give as presents.  My girls are all at the age where anything to do with stationery is very exciting - and actually, now I think about it, my 8 year old son is into it too.

So over the weekend I revisited sewing and made these little zippered purses in a variety of sizes.

The two things that help are:
1.  Nice material
2.  The zipper sitting nicely (this I am yet to totally master).

But they look alright and apparently:

1.  Everyone (friends of the girls) wants one for a present
2.  I am very admired amongst the Year 7 girls because I made them (finally ... I have so been waiting for that level of adoration!)

It was sooo great for my mental health - really relaxing and satisfying and I've been thinking about different configurations and designs in my spare time.  Excellent for my brain and stress levels.

*Also been watching the TV show 'Miranda' ...


Anonymous said…
They are very sweet.
Motherhugger said…
Well done - they look great. I've just bought a hot glue gun - to make things for the fete. The year 7 girl has been asking for one.
Petrina said…
Lovely! Amidst the chaos of life, there's such joy in a simple project.
Katie said…
They are totes amazeballs*!

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