Let me brag for a moment (it is my blog after all!). I have managed to go to the gym every weekday for the past three weeks. This means getting up at 5:25 am, getting dressed in the dark and driving through the dark and fog.

I usually go to the gym at least twice a week but I struggle to be more consistent. It's hard when Rowan goes away or he has to go to work early or I get sick or I just feel unmotivated. I've been good at doing two classes of pump which keeps my back in a happy place.

But on the other days I have really wanted to do more cardio. So I have been using a 10k app to try and improve my running. It's been good. I like the structure and sense of achievement. I'm only up to about 4.5k so have a way to go! I used to run 5k regularly but not recently.

The app has been motivating because I don't like missing my running day. I feel that by missing a day it is harder to maintain the improvements.

This is part of the reason I've been quiet on my blog. I am falling asleep at 8:30pm. But I sleep so well and feel a general sense of calmness during the day (probably because I am so exhausted I have no energy to get stressed about stuff!). It is also makes me very hungry.

I think I have mentioned this before but exercise is so important for my mental health. I like the feeling that I'm looking after myself and getting stronger. And I just feel happier.


Richard said…
Glad to hear that Jenny, and going every day is a spectacular achievement! Praying about your Adenomyosis as well :)
Karen said…
Good on you Jenny, I have really fallen off the wagon with my exercising in the past few weeks, being sick is my excuse but now that I am feeling better I'm struggling to get going again. I'm finding these dark mornings hard with getting out of bed.

Glad it's helping your back a bit and also to hear that you're getting good rest, I guess that's a big help with managing everything else that's going on with your health.

Take care, will keep praying too.
Tasmanian said…
Well done! Keep going!

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