Will the shopping ever end???

I suspect not - I've seen old ladies at the shops.  Many of them.  I'm guessing they've been traipsing the aisles for many a year now.  

If you are a long term reader you might remember that I am not an avid fan of shopping.  But I have to do a lot of it.  It just about k i l l s me (could be the florescent lighting messing with my mind).  And in the past I have been very inefficient and consequently totally ineffective (read all about it here).

However, you will be pleased to know that working four days a week last year forced my hand.  I actually menu planned and wrote a comprehensive shopping list and wait for it - went back and got an item if I discovered I had missed it when I got to the check out (past usual practice:  optimistically believing I would be OK without toilet paper, not bother to tramp back for it and of course discovering at 1:00 am on a Tuesday morning that this was NEVER going to work out well).

The whole once a week shop works quite well (who knew?!).  Except that I look like a mad woman with my 10 loaves of bread and my 8 litres of milk (feel a little like I'm about to feed the 5000 here).  I look around at other people's shopping trolleys and wonder if they are shopping for one meal or a week.  I have small trolley envy.  And those little baskets - the stuff dreams are made of.  My trolley is just getting fuller and fuller.  And not with lovely cheeses and snacks for pre dinner drinks here people.  Just bread and apples and cereal and yawn ... hold on while I just wake myself up from the total excitement that is the contents of my shopping trolley.

Is this one of those 'but when you're older dear you'll miss this' moments?  Um - I doubt it.  Because I will still be shopping - there will be no opportunity to become sentimental.  Although I might get to have one of those little trolleys ...


Karen said…
We started doing click and collect with our local supermarket when I went back to work earlier this year. Since we always do a meal plan and a shopping list anyway, it's really easy to just put it all in the computer the night before and let someone else run around and put it in the trolley for us. And our grocery bill has been a bit smaller too since I'm no longer being sidetracked by chocolate, biscuits and other things we don't really need.

There are a few things I like to choose myself (fruit, some of the meat etc), but now I can be one of the people you envy zipping around with a basket or small trolley grabbing just a few things before I collect my full trolley at the service counter afterwards. It feels very liberating after years of managing the full trolley thing...

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