Now my kid's birthdays = me feeling older

In the past few weeks we've celebrated a few birthdays.  That time of the year.  I think the 15 year old's birthday freaked me out a little.  Not because he wanted Portuguese chicken for dinner... that didn't freak me out.

But because he is FIFTEEN.  What?!  He is old and since he is old, I must be old.  No wonder my Dad was complaining about how old my 40th last year made him feel.  Can't even imagine what state I'll be in by then.

Anyway, enough stream of consciousness thinking for you.

Last week we celebrated the 4th child's 9th birthday (keeping track of all the numbers?  Confusing myself here and they're my kids, so you've got no hope).

He doesn't like cake.  This is normal and conventional and expected.  His normal is none of those things. He likes Tim Tams and Maltesers.  We tried to make a 'cake' like structure to celebrate his birthday.  It did not work.

But he was thrilled.  He thought it looked like some half built item from Minecraft, and as soon as a Minecraft spin is placed on anything, well, we're all winners.


Rodney Olsen said…
I know exactly how you feel .... maybe even a little more. :)

Our daughter celebrated her 17th birthday last week and now we're starting to organise details for my 50th next month. That's half a century. How does that even happen?

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