We went on holidays & it was nice

We've just had a two week break. At the beach. It was unbelievable weather for the middle of winter.

Often I want to travel the world. This holiday made me ask 'why?'. I only had to travel 2 1/2 hours for two weeks of beauty.

We cycled, swam (well, when I say 'we' that's not me exactly. I'm not that mad. The water was freezing.)

Lots of walks, read, slept in.

I knitted myself a cardigan (I highly recommend 12ply. So quick!).

I am thoroughly enjoying this stage with our kids. No one needs day sleeps. Everyone sleeps at night. No crazy dawn wake ups. We can all walk and swim and cycle. There are even the occasional moments of self-entertainment.

Now just getting mentally geared up for another full on term. This going to be especially busy for me as I'm studying at Uni on top of working and giving a few talks to church women's groups. Very thankful for a good break.


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