I love saying ...

... to my nine year old son.  'Stop reading and get out of bed'.  And then having to say it again.  And again.  (Ok by this point it is a little annoying ...).

What's got him going on reading this last few weeks is the '13 Storey Treehouse' series by Andy Griffiths.  I think I might love that man just a little bit (although having never met him, it is purely a You Help Boys Get Into Reading kind of love).

While there are only three books in the series so far and they take about 1/2 an hour to read it's not going to keep him going for long.  But since the man that I have the You Help Boys Get Into Reading love for has written LOADS of books, I think we're now, as they say, cooking with gas.*

*I like to throw in a bit of KRudd for my Australian readers every now and then


And The Diary of a Wimpy Kid guy. I love him too..
Jenny said…
Oh yes, Jeff-he deserves some of my affection too :)

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