Thinking ... lots of thinking

I've been a bit quiet here recently because I've been thinking.  I like thinking.  I do my best work in my head (always such a star in my head!).

But sometimes I can't always think and write.  Not because it isn't physically possible but because sometimes what I'm mulling over isn't fit for human consumption.

Sometimes it can be a bit judgy and not very nice.  Or it can involve people that I can't write about.  Or involves my work.  Or my children.  Or my church.

It's hard to work out what IS OK to write about sometimes.  On the other hand I'm quite fond of some of my thoughts.  They might be thoughts that could be good for others.

One of my thoughts is that I just need to be a bit braver and put more stuff out there.  Not other people's stuff or stuff that is a bit too personal or is a bit mean.

But try and prise some of the good stuff out of the rambling mind and share it.


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