Why I should stick to writing

I have been quite busy recently and my body has revolted. Not with a little tummy ache or a sore throat. No, with nasty cold sores that make me look like the living dead. The aftermath makes me look like I have a permanent nose bleed for a week or so.

Problem is the extra I've taken on is to give a talk or two (or three this term). I like doing the thinking. I like doing the talking. My body does not.

So I have to turn up to a lovely ladies' dinner looking feral because my face has let me down. Unreliable face. It can't be trusted (I had a cold sore on my wedding day - we have a lot of history, me and my face) Unfortunately people have to look at my face when I talk.

So I should stick to writing.


Jean said…
Totally get this. Speaking does me in; writing doesn't. Pity!
michael jensen said…
So.... you put a picture on the internet!

I hate cold sores. Had em for years.
Jenny said…
Oh Michael, the Internet is NOTHING compared to a women's church event!!
Sandra said…
I have one word of advice - Zovirax.
Sarah said…
But I heard someone just yesterday talking about how encouraging your talk was recently, so cold sore, schmold sore!
Jenny said…
Thanks Sarah-lovely to have the encouragement!

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