The aftermath of sharing a strong opinion

Wow - schooling!  Arrgh - why do I do it to myself?!  I've asked myself this a lot over the past week or so after my last post on public schooling had a massive response.  I've asked myself this because I have felt bad for having an opinion.  Having an opinion that not everyone will agree with.  Having an opinion on something that is so personal (it's almost rating up there with the no-go zones of religion/money/politics hey?).  Having an opinion that might unsettle people and make them a bit grumpy at me.

But even though I've felt quite vulnerable at times (and regretful at times too - life is a lot simpler when you keep things to yourself), I'm glad that it resulted in some good discussion.

Why is the discussion worth it? Because I want to believe that we can dialogue well in the midst of difference. That we can affirm each other in different ways of parenting, in different ways of schooling, in different ways of being a mum.

What I am keen to see is that we keep returning to the Bible and ask the hard questions of what it actually says.  Does it say things that don't fit with what the world around me tells me is right and good?  What do I do with those hard things?  Do I just avoid them and stop wrestling with them?

Or do I keep engaging my brain?  Do I keep sharing my opinion and asking for people to discuss it with me?

My hope is that by sharing our experiences and thoughts and opinions with one another, even if perhaps we're not quite right, even if our thoughts aren't fully formed, even if we hold differing positions, that we can help one another grow and change in the light of God's truths.


Heather said…
"Be bold, be brave, for The Lord your God is with you"! Thanks for the great example Jenny. Please keep it up.
Karen said…
What Heather said :)

I find it refreshing to read your opinions (and I do agree with many of them!). It makes me feel a bit less alone too :)

Thanks for sharing them and for promoting discussion!
Sarah said…
Thanks Jenny. It's your blog and people choose to read if they want (it's not like you are walking up to people in the street or at church, shouting your opinion in their faces).

I was thinking that, although we're still just over 3 years away from the school decision, I've seen that in country towns, school decisions are not personal and 'what's best for my child'. Schooling decisions can affect the whole community. If large numbers of parents choose to send their kids to boarding school when the local school is an option, it can lead to reduced opportunities in education (i.e. schools closing). I'm not trying to dictate what people decide, but if we claim to love people, it might just be a factor in our decision-making.

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