Fair trade Christmas Cards for sale

You'll know that earlier this year I was selling Kipepeo cards by made women in the Kibera slum in  Nairobi, Kenya.  I still have a few of the assorted cards available (look here for more info).

BUT … now I have about 1000 Christmas cards available for sale so I'm using all means to let people know about them!

Let me know if you'd like me to post some to you - they are $2.50/each - with postage in Australia they usually average out to $3.00/each.  Bargain for lovely hand-made fair trade cards.

Email me at: jennykemp72@gmail.com.

Here's what I have available for sale this Christmas:

Left:  Christmas Tree 1
Right:  Christmas Tree 2

Left:  King of Kings Brown
Right:  King of Kings White
Top (L to R): Beaded stocking (white), Beaded stocking (brown)
Bottom (L to R): Brown beaded star, Beaded presents

Left to right:
Gold African manger
Silver African manger
Beaded manger

Left:  White dove
Right:  Brown dove

Top (L to R): African wise men landscape, African wise men portrait
Bottom (L to R):  Brown Mary, White Mary, Brown Joseph & Mary

Left to Right:  Cloth angel, White wire angel, Brown wire angel


Owen Wormald said…
If we send you our list of friends, would you write, sign, address and post our Xmas cards for us?
"Job Done", as they say... :-)
Jenny said…
I will happily post you the cards you'd like but I'm afraid that writing and posting them for you is not part of the deal!! :)
Ummm, is that email address correct?
Jenny said…
It should be working because it has worked earlier in the day. Gmail is sometimes temperamental -grrr. Let me know if you still have problems and I'll post a different address.

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