2013 road trip

After another busy and full year, it is exciting that we've managed to extract ourselves from life for a full month! And these are the times I'm so thankful for a school teaching job (aside from the fact that I'm also actually enjoying teaching).

Four years ago we did a similar trip (and I would link you to this on my blog if I was capable of it - my phone is a little limited). It is so much nicer travelling with older kids. Not that it was horrible last time but I've appreciated less crying and not as many snacks seem to be needed. For example this morning we've been driving for well over an hour and no one has asked for food yet. Amazing!

So-where are we? Today we're driving from Adelaide to Melbourne to catch the big boat to Tasmania.

Last week we drove from Sydney to Adelaide -two days of driving.

We had an overnight stop halfway in Hay-seriously in the middle of nowhere. We enjoyed an awe inspiring Aussie outback sunset. I had left Sydney feeling totally stressed (going away is hard work, on top of all the end of year events) but that sunset had a magical effect.

We were in Adelaide to visit my sister and her family (six fantastic cousins to hang out with).

We made it to the beach because our next stop being Tasmania we're not so confident about the water temperature.

We enjoyed some nice walks - another aspect of the kids getting older that's nice - ability to go for a walk without prams/backpacks etc.

So today's challenge is getting ourselves onto that boat without mishap and hoping the Bass Strait crossing isn't too rough! I'll let you know how we get on.


Sarah said…
I love Tassie. Such a beautiful place. Enjoy your holidays, Jenny. :)

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