I've grown all the colour out!!!

Then: April 2012

I'm very excited.  It's taken 1 year and 9 months of waiting and waiting and I've now got just grey/white hair.  It might seem strange that this is exciting to someone with so few years under the belt (ha, ha), but after the skunk, two-tone deal I'm glad to get to the end of the process.  Now I'm hoping that my ageing will plateau (for like, about 20 years!).  The rest of you can catch up later!

Now: January 2014
I am really happy with the outcome.  I like the colour - it's quite white at the back and underneath so it looks almost blond sometimes (I tell myself …).  And I love that I don't have to do anything to it that involves hours of my spare time.  So many more books can be read instead!

You can read more about my hair journey: starting, the skunk stage and the half-way mark!


Jess Green said…
Love it! It's so cool when women embrace the grey :)
Fiona Cheng said…
It looks beautiful Jenny.
Sarah S said…
I think you look younger in the second photo!
Anonymous said…
Lovely! I agree you look younger! And how good to have more time and money for other things!

Caroline E
Anonymous said…
I agree, you look better. I did this myself and I am 43. I did it as everytime I colored my hair, my scalp was bleeding. So option was out of my control. However, I really love the outcome, Its white around my face, blending to darker as it goes back, it really suits me and I love not having the torture of coloring anymore!!!

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